BTDA has drawn a new generation of storage blueprints

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, data has exploded, and countless data are continuously generated, collected and processed everywhere. Accordingly, the markets of cloud storage, cloud computing and distributed edge computing are growing rapidly. Market reports from IDC, GrandView, Garnter and other institutions have clearly described this trend.

BTDA has drawn a new generation of storage blueprints

On April 20, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference. The new infrastructure mainly includes three aspects, namely, information infrastructure, converged infrastructure and innovative infrastructure. Among them, data center is in the first category of new infrastructure, that is, the computing power foundation of information infrastructure is not classified, and data center is also the hardware foundation of cloud computing. In addition, in terms of market scale, China’s data center market has maintained steady growth. In recent years, large enterprises such as Head Investment Platform and Ali have also invested in the research and development of major core technologies such as cloud operating system, server, chip and network, and the construction of data centers facing the future.

At the same time, more and more data are put on the cloud, and more concerns and demands are focused on data ownership (personal privacy/business privacy), data security and efficient services. The mainstream “centralized” cloud, owned and operated by major businesses, is physically distributed in a limited number of remote locations, and faces enormous challenges in data privacy protection and service efficiency.

BTDA has drawn a new generation of storage blueprints


BTDA hopes to realize a global, decentralized and secure distributed storage system through blockchain technology. The goal is to provide a secure storage platform for future traditional Internet and decentralized applications (DAPP).


BTDA decentralized distributed cloud, which is co-built and shared but not owned by a limited number of commercial entities, is physically more distributed and close to the user side, and is more suitable for technology development trends and user needs.


The open test network and the official test network with rewards are expected to go online in September. The main network will go online at the end of the year. So, what exactly is BTDA? To put it simply, we are mainly committed to solving three hierarchical and modular problems, which can be refined into three key words: proof, incentive and service. Proof refers to decentralized proof of storage services provided by each node. Incentive refers to the fair incentive of nodes according to their storage workload. Service is to bring high-quality and low-cost storage services to users.

BTDA has drawn a new generation of storage blueprints


The track of distributed storage has become a hot new track with Filecoin rising all the way. BTDA can play a great role in reducing costs and improving the use in the fields of secure archiving, public data sets, videos, private data, application data, DApp applications, website platforms and so on.


BTDA thinks it is very important to complete the “essence” of the project that overseas users and investors are interested in. The so-called “essence” includes the fundamentals of technical logic, product design and application landing. In the whole ecological construction of BTDA, the essence and fundamentals are standing.

BTDA has drawn a new generation of storage blueprints


BTDA will be launched on April 23, 2021, and will be launched on the three major exchanges one after another in the future. In order to pay tribute to Bitcoin, the total circulation is 21 million.


In the field of blockchain, data will be a cornerstone of social development, and “storage+blockchain” is a blue ocean market. With its unique technological advantages and perfect ecosystem, BTDA will continuously allow more physical products or commercial services to access the new BTDA ecosystem. At the same time, reliable industries, hot racetracks, perfect ecology and community autonomy with extra faith all make BTDA a new star in the blue ocean of storage, which is bound to gradually form an autonomous and self-driven distributed commercial network storage ecology.


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